Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I am completely and utterly in love with this coconut oil by Indah Organics. The versatility of this oil makes me go a bit nuts! While you're cooking with this oil (high smoke point), you can rub it all over your body for hydration, give yourself a hair treatment, remove your makeup or even ingest a few spoonfuls! It's ridiculously healthy inside and out. It's anti-inflammatory, anti microbial, high in lauric acid and anti-oxidants. It's a multi-tasker alright!

It's quite revealing how laden non organic CO are with chemicals. In this hot Sydney weather, my Indah EV Coconut Oil has liquefied into a crystal clear oil that looks like water. That's a testament to its undeniable purity. It's made with no chemical processing, no preservatives and no artificial flavours. It is full of just pure, raw, unrefined and certified organic coconut oil. It simply smells of only fresh coconuts.

This oil is the only moisturizer I use for my evening skincare routine. I wake up with brighter, softer and more refined looking skin. Even the lines underneath my eyes appear softer. I tend to get dryness on my eyelids during the winter and this oil is so hydrating that after a single use, I haven't noticed any dryness. I have enjoyed applying it on my hair as an overnight treatment. I have found that it has given my hair shine and strength. I have used this to cook with a few times and it really does make the food taste better. I am really enjoying how light it makes the food taste. I can't seem to explain it better than that. Food doesn't taste like it has been loaded down by oil. Strange description right?  What I love the most about cooking with this, is the aroma of coconut filling the air - it pays to be pure.

One last thing, do read the background story of Indah and its founder, Teisha Lowry. I can promise you, you will fall in love with Indah that much more.

 "Your purchase helps support fair-trade and the poor villages in the mountains of East Bali who hand-make this amazing product. INDAH is proud to be aligned with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation Australia (BOSA)." - Indah Organics 

ingredients: 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*
 *Organically Harvested Coconuts

Price: $15 AUD
Buy from: INDAH.COM.AU

daily snoop | In the life

-I went to the Wiggle concert today, with my husband and me little girl. I can say with absolute certainty that the adults had more fun.
-I have a secret crush on the red Wiggles, Simon...not a secret anymore
-My husband isn't a lovely fella when he's sleeping. His prince charming in the morning, but if you disturb his sleep, you will cop an ear full. I was weeping in bed from the season finale of Offspring (an Australian drama), instead of the comfort I sought, I was asked to go cry outside the room, with the door closed behind me. The next morning, he had no memory of the incident. I live with two different men, inhabiting the one body…
-Listening to Rascal Flatts 'Here Comes Goodbye' I love to listen to it on rainy nights.



Ningrum said... [Reply]

Hello! This is my first visit in your blog, and I like it a lot! X)

Indah means 'good' or 'beautiful' in Indonesian, and Indonesian ancestors have been using virgin coconut oil forever, but then the modern people forget the great benefit of it as skincare-sadly. Even they started to harm nature and stick to chemicals forever. It's a shame to see how people out there have a nice effort to protect Bali Island and Borneo Orangutans while most Indonesians here don't take any attention on those issues. :')

Anyway, good review! :D Would love to see more posts from you.

Rowie D said... [Reply]

@Ningrum G'day Ningrum, sorry for such a delay in replying. Thank you for that background and I agree. Why change something that's so good and add chemicals to it and than loosing all the benefits.

Thank you for your support, much appreciated :)