Saturday, 31 May 2014


Black walnuts, oats, chamomile flowers and kelp - the ingredients for the most rockin' facial scrub. Simple yet effective.

"We are committed to using the least amount of plastic in our packaging; all of our goods are wrapped in glass containers with biodegradable labels"  - Meow Meow Tweet

I love this brand just as much as I love their name and I'm digging this scrub.

This antibacterial mixture forms a paste when mixed with water, allowing you to gently scrub your skin. I love how gentle this scrub is that even with applied pressure, you wouldn't feel it scrapping at your skin. So if you have sensitive or problematic skin, you do not need to steer clear. In fact, move a bit closer and check this scrub out. With that being said, always patch test as each skin has its own individuality.

Don't be disillusioned by the simplicity of the ingredients and the gentleness of this exfoliant. It will still lift away the days grime, removing dead skin cells leaving skin refreshed, cleansed and soft. I like to apply it in the shower as it can get a bit messy, but that's not a drawback for me.

" Each concoction is carefully mixed by hand to produce the perfect aroma and healthful benefits, resulting in uniquely therapeutic and aromatic products"  - Meow Meow Tweet

The enveloping scent of chamomile in this retro glass is quite tranquil. I didn't find the scent to be overwhelming, but rather be honest, you'll find me standing in the bathroom just sniffing the bottle. Is that weird?  Probably, but I do love me some chamomile.

So in a voice of unprofessional-ism, this scrub is totally awesome!
It's not clattered with so many ingredients and performs its role with a pretty cool price.

Ingredients: *oats, *chamomile flowers, black walnut hull, kelp.

*organic ingredient

Price: $20-$22

Australian retailers: HIPPIELUXE.COM.AU 


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