Friday, 18 July 2014


R.L Linden & Co Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist (Hydrating Floral Toner) encompasses ingredients that work harmoniously together to nurture your skin, heart and mind. The unique blend of flowers, essential oils and flower essences will reawaken your skin from a deep slumber.

On days I'm too lazy too wash my face before bed, this toner is the only reason I get my butt off the couch and get the Konjac Sponge ready. This mist offers aromatherapy benefits to bring you calm and contentment. It calms my nerves and my flushed skin. Your skin will glow and your senses will tingle with pleasure from the abundance of flowers entwined in this mixture. What a warm, gorgeous and feminine scent. It needs to be bottled up into a perfume. It is as seductive as it is intoxicating.

It is quite hydrating that I tend to forget to apply my day moisturiser. It's moisturising enough that one mist clears the dry patches around my mouth and cheeks.  I've tried other toners that feel either too light or too heavy. This sits comfortably in the middle, neither too heavy, nor too light.  If I didn't need to try various toners for my blog, I would forever purchase this bottle, time and time again.

This beautifying mist will make you feel beautiful from within, radiance on the outside and peace humming inside your soul. That is a gift in itself. 

ingredients: Colorado Spring Water; Hydrosols of Neroli, Honeysuckle (wildcrafted) and Rose; Organic Extracts of Rose and Calendula; Organic Jojoba Oil; A Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils (including Neroli and Jasmine); Natural Preservative Derived from Aspen Tree Bark and A Proprietary Blend of Flower Essences (including Pretty Face and Morning Glory)  

Price: $48 (USD) or $58 (AUD)

daily snoop | In the life

-I've been  really curious about essential oils and their role in healing. I am thinking of purchasing a starter kit.
-I hate taking selfies, they are awkward and uncomfortable.  
-It has been so cold in Sydney. I haven't been venturing outside due to the cold! It has been quite depressing.
- I have been to the chiropractor once a week this month. My neck and shoulders have been real tense and sore. It's hard to rest for it to heal when I have to lift my daughter throughout the day. 
-Listening to Babyface 'Seven Seas.' In one of those moods.



anusha said... [Reply]

I have tried a sample of this and I loved it madly...its ahhhmazzzing..thank you for this beautiful review.. Love following you on Instagram..RL linden is the best

organicspirit said... [Reply]

Hey lovely, thank you for your comment and kind words. I think it's the best toner I've tried xo

Dream & Scheme said... [Reply]

The ingredients are lovely and the performance sounds wonderful! I'll have to give this a try!