Wednesday, 27 August 2014


When you see me looking down at my body, you won't see rejection in my eyes, but a whole lot of love. I grew up believing my curves weren't okay and I let it define me for so many years. My life was an unhappy one, always needing to fit myself into a glorified image of unhealthiness, birthed from societies relentless need to showcase perfection. We define ourselves through our reflection and the numbers on the scale and then we bully ourselves when we begin to compare ourselves to our respecting gender. We then find ourselves lacking and begin to hate and reject what we see. We start to become more and more disconnected with what makes us who we are. We are blind to our own beauty that's wholly and ridicule our flaws. It took me years to accept my flaws, rejection in my heart for far too long because of cruel voices pointing them out. I have found acceptance in my reflection and love for my body. I stopped the need to evaluate myself to another. My body is not perfect and that's okay, I am proud and I am grateful for it. I am not defined by my face, the size of my waist, the length of my legs and even my mass of curls! I am not loved for it either. I am loved and defined by my humanity and my act of kindness and generosity. You define your own beauty and don't let anyone define it for you. 

We tend to forget that we shape society and yet we are allowing it to raise a superficial generation, ridden with broken minds, hearts and spirits because we've allowed them to bury who they are under their need to grasp unattainable perfection. God created this world imperfect and so we are all imperfect. Embrace your differences and just love yourself damn it and know it's okay to. Be at peace with who you are. When we are stripped bare that's all we have left.
'Join The Revolution (STOP HATING YOUR BODY)' is an awareness campaign created by Jessica Smith, an advocate for positive body image. She is a motivational speaker and presenter, spreading her message far and wide. I hope each and every one of us is listening. We have never been more desperate for change as we are now, so join her revolution and make it yours. Take a snap shot of yourself holding her sign and post it on social medial, so you can to spread the word and let everyone listen to your voice. 

Share your story, share your thoughts. 

What do you love about your body?


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