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Non-toxic, food safe, Eco-friendly and affordable cleaning solutions, Resparkle is one of the most Eco-conscious brand you will adopt into your homes. Their respect for our planet and care for our homes, is admirable. Their community efforts to make a difference in the world is honourable. Part of each sale is pledged to help seriously ill children or children with a disability and also aid citizens of Ethiopia to access clean water. 

Resparkle offers plant based ingredients in all of their cleaning products with specifically selected vegetables and fruits. Nothing harmful, nothing toxic, just simple, clean ingredients that rids your surfaces of stains, marks, bacteria and food pathogens. Home sweet home. Their ethics are not comprised for value and quality, so neither will ours.

Using Resparkle means 75% less plastic waste goes to landfill + Carbon footprint is reduced by 75%.  We have potentially saved 2945 amount of plastics from entering the landfill.

Resparkle employs a revolutionary system consisting of a reusable bottle and refill pods (solution enclosed underneath pod). This system allows less use of water and plastic, which means an affordable price, a care for the environment and it only takes three steps.

Step 1- Go ahead and buy a bottle first, it's so darn worth it
Step 2- Add tap water into the empty bottle
Step 3- Underneath the pod is foil with solution concealed inside. Twist the refill pod on to the bottle, releasing the solution within.
Step 4- Purchase a refill pod or a whole bunch of them!

Ok I lied, maybe four steps.The bottle itself does not leak and the spray nozzle has a wide dispersion, so one pump should be enough. There are four cleaning products (500 ml) Resparkle offers:

-Organic Kitchen & Multi-surface Cleaner (antibacterial/powerful degreaser)

-Organic Bathroom & Glass cleaner (kills germs/removes mould &scum)
-Organic Nursey Toy & everyday cleaner (antibacterial/gentle formulation/tough on dirt & stains) 
-Organic Floor Cleaner Concentrate (concentrated/antibacterial)

Organic Kitchen & Multi-Surface Cleaner 

I looked like a crazed women, high on a cleaning frenzy, holding my Resparkle and wiping down the entire surface of my home. I appreciate that I can use this to clean my daughter's feeding station and toys. I don't have to worry that her little self will come into contact with any chemical residue. The scent is okay but mild without lingering on surfaces. It truly leaves a squeaky shine finish. It works well on;

-table tops
-stainless steel
-iPad screens (no, really it does!)
-bathroom sinks
-shower screens
-marble (always patch test first)

Top: before    Bottom: after

I used this multi-surface cleaner on mirrors and windows and it gave  me a streak free finish, that is until my daughter decided to place her greasy fingers all over the glass. I have asthma, so to be able to clean the bathtub and shower screens while I bathe, is incredibly comforting and convenient. No toxic fumes and no harmful chemicals contacting your skin or swimming around your feet. No ammonia, No chlorine and No bleach to stain and damage our ecosystem. It cleaned my entire bathroom from bacteria, stains and soap scum, performing just as well as commercial brands. I even used it on toilet seats, which weirdly enough, gave a squeaky clean shine you'd admire before parking your behind. I found minimal to no water spot stains when used on stainless steel appliances or sinks.

Top: before    Bottom: after

ingredients: Bioflavonoid Complex (Made from Bitter Orange), Organic acid blend (Made from Citrus Fruits (Lemons, Limes, Oranges)), Organic Surfactant (Made from Plant Extracts), Water.

Price: 500ml bottle + 1 refill pod $6.50 (AUD),
          Refill pod $4.50 (AUD), 12 x refill pod $45 (AUD)
        Click here for stockist

Organic Floor Cleaner Concentrate

I tested a sample size of Resparkle's Organic Floor Cleaner Concentrate, which includes anti-bacterial properties. The subtle 
fragrance is divine, a blend of lemon and mint essential oils. It cleaned the floors just as well as conventional brands and I'll tell you, my lungs were fresh as a daisy. The 500ml bottle offers 33 washes. 

Top: before   Bottom: after

ingredients: Concentrate certified by NASAA as an Input for Organic Production- Citrus Bioflavonoid (Bitter Orange extract), Citric Acid (derived from citrust fruits), Organic Acid Blend (derived from blend of citrus extracts),  Lemon and Peppermint essential oils, Water.

Price: $8.25(AUD), 500ml
       Click here for stockist

It is not hard to minimise the exposure of harmful chemicals in our homes and in our environment. All it takes is switching to a healthier and cleaner brand. To make that a smooth transition, we need these brands to be easily accessible to hundreds of people. So please, sign the petition to get Resparkle on the shelves at Woolworths Supermaket Australia. Click here to sign the petition. 

REthink, REuse, REfill, RESPARKLE. 
Allow me to Resparkle your world with a giveaway. Excited? Yeah, of course you are. You can enter below (Australin residents only) but remember, you can apply for more than one entry to boost your chances. Goodluck!

*Resparkle Multi-Surface Cleaner and Floor Cleaner were generously given to me by Resparkle Australia. As always, you have my total and complete honesty. I'll always tell ya the truth. Simple as that.

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Terms and Conditions:

I have partnered with Resparkle Australia for this Giveaway. The prize is supplied by Resparkle Australia. This giveaway is for Australian residents only. Winner will choose one product from Resparkle's cleaning range (1 x 500ml bottle + 1 refill pod ). Resparkle will provide a 3 month supply of chosen product. Prize will be sent straight to the winner from Resparkle. The more entries you apply for, the more points you receive to boost your chances to win. The winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter and be notified by Email/Twitter. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize through Email/Twitter before a new winner is selected. To learn more about Resparkle, please visit


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