Wednesday, 17 June 2015


A healthy dose of shopping, makes combating the winter flu, a very merry day. A small haul featuring old time favorites and new loves. I am pale with sickness but sporting lovely plum lips.

It has been a while since I spoilt myself with some cosmetic purchases. Due to budget restraints (er ..kind of), I had to whittle it down to these goodies. A selection of green beauty for bold lips, bold brows and bright eyes.

Alima Pure Velvet Lipstick (Beatrice- Deep Merlot) & Concealer brush (03)

It's winter here in Australia and even though I don't choose lipstick shades in accordance to the seasons, this is a lovely deep berry that companions the bitter chills and rainy days. I have only worn it once and it is indeed velvet in texture, which makes applying this bold shade a lot easier- I can proudly say I did not draw outside the lines! I tend to gravitate towards the dark and bold tones, although I haven't quite ventured out as far as gothic black, but I wouldn't deny it's welcome to my stash. 

I've been needing to replace my concealer brush and this brush seemed the right fit. It is a 'Taklon Bristle Concealer Brush' that's said to work lovingly with mineral makeup. 

Aussie readers buy here:

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek (Curious) & "Un" Powder/cover up

I am a huge fan of RMS- were talking on a colossal scale. Early last year, I had used up the renowned "Un" Powder. I regrettably decided not to repurchase in an attempt to explore other brands, but no other brand measured up. It not only assists in the longevity of your makeup, but it makes your skin silken smooth. Concealer tends to accentuate the lines underneath my eyes, but this powder offers the touch of softness. 

I have quite dark shadows beneath my eyes. It isn't pretty- it appears like I've been beaten up by my two year old and the lack of sleep (which is a requisite with the little one) tangoed with allergies gains me unwanted sympathetic evaluations like, "you poor thing, you look so tired, are you okay?" or the most common with my male counterparts "you look like crap". So there are a whole bunch of you who vouch for the "Un" Cover up, so I went ahead and purchased shade 22 (light to medium). Crossing fingers for better compliments. 

When I am out and about, you'll notice I am only wearing either the RMS Lip Shines or their Lip2Cheek shades. Don't be cheeky now, it's not the only thing I'm wearing. I say, if your wearing a complimenting shade, don't worry about the rest of you, clothes on or off, you'll look good.  Their lippies wear so well and are gorgeously pigmented so I was eager to purchase Curious (golden orange-see above) from the Lip2Cheek range. I don't play it safe with my colours, but let me tell you, this shade is very wearable. 

Aussie readers buy here:
Lip2cheek -
"Un" cover up -

Studio 78 Paris Off We Go Concealer (shade 'at dawn 01')

I am new to the Studio 78 Paris line, but this concealer is as coveted as the "un" cover up so it made sense to buy both. It's a shame they only have two shades, 'at dawn 01' and 'moonlight 02'. I'm thinking I'm going to need to mix both shades to find the right colour for my skin tone. We shall see.

Aussie readers buy here: or
This wax has been courteously compared to 'Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow', which is a favourite amongst beauty bloggers. Now I can't attest to that, but if that comparison holds any truth, than we green beauty bloggers are in for a treat. They offer five shades, I purchased the shade 'Liz', which is suited for  medium brown, dark brown and black hair. Ecobrow Wax is 100% natural, mineral based and not tested on animals. The 'Defining Brush' is sold separately. As you can see, it has two sides, an angled side for precision and the spooley side to blend. 

Aussie readers buy here:

I hope you enjoyed this small but riveting haul, if you have any favourites among these, let me know in the comment section. Also if you have found your holy grail natural concealer to combat dark under eye oh please let me know. Cheers! 



    Amber Felce said... [Reply]

    LOVE that Alima Pure shade, it's gorgeous!

    Ashley Rose said... [Reply]

    Oh wow, the first lipstick shade looks beautiful! x

    Audrey Nature said... [Reply]

    i think it is time for me to try the Un cover up too :-)....Never tried it!x

    Dream & Scheme said... [Reply]

    I'd love to try the Alima Pure Lipstick as well as Ecobrow. Lovely picks!

    Anonymous said... [Reply]

    the alima pure lipsticks look promising! Also, I definitely need to pick up a jar of eco brow! I love my tarte brow mousse, but a cleaner alternative would be even better!

    Rowie D said... [Reply]

    Hey Amber! It's so darn pretty, but it's bold, I feel everyone is staring at me when I wear it haha bit awkward

    Rowie D said... [Reply]

    Sure is, very bold, but very pretty :)

    Rowie D said... [Reply]

    You know Audrey, I've bee loving the Studio78 concealer a whole lot more for dark under eye circles but love love love the uncover up as a foundation

    Rowie D said... [Reply]

    I do not know how I lived without Eco brow. It transforms your face, very much worth it :)

    Rowie D said... [Reply]

    Look no further babe, eco brow is the bomb! Gives you bold brows all day

    Richard C. Lambert said... [Reply]

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