Wednesday, 22 July 2015


My very simple 'I'm in a hurry' everyday makeup look. Well, let us say 'kind of' everyday, because really as a mum, you need to priorities. Sometimes putting on spanx becomes much more important than putting on some concealer. I guess if you have a derrière like mine, that'll make much more sense.

I chuckled to myself for posting this because can this really constitute as a makeup look? There's just not enough makeup I guess. But I suppose this is more showcasing my current favourites that'll conceal, brighten & accent your features.


Before makeup application, it's necessary to prime your skin. I love to use LeahLani 'Champaign Serum' under my foundation. It clears up any dry patches, allows your skin to glow underneath and helps makeup application apply smoother. If you look after your skin, not only will  it help your makeup look flawless, you wouldn't need to use much either. 


Let's start with the base. I don't wear heavy makeup as there no need to if you look after the skin beneath. So for everyday, I've been enjoying using RMS Beauty 'un' cover up shade 22 as a foundation. I originally purchased this to battle my very dark under eye circles. It didn't lend a helping hand, but when used as a foundation, I received many compliments. You do need to mattify the skin after this concealer. as it's a bit too dewy, on the borderline of lookin' oily. The 'un' cover up does however bring luminosity to your skin, evening out your skin tone seamlessly. 


I've been on a hunt for a natural concealer to cover those tiring dark circles. Mine are just dark and black, under the eyes and on the lids. I've tried various green beauty favourites and I was left feeling deflated, sporting those dark circles after just an hour of concealer wear. I purchased the Studio 78 Paris 'Off We Go' concealer after reading some 'anti-dark circles' reviews. How glad I am that I did. It has a powder to cream texture that's moisturising and feels soft to touch. It also applies and blends smoothly. I have light to medium skin and the shade 'At Dawn' matched well. I will be reviewing this concealer against the  RMS 'un' Cover Up, in a future post, but for now I will tell you, I reach for the Studio 78 concealer daily.  

To cover up redness and spots, you won't find a better concealer for that job than Alima Pure mineral concealer in the shade Linen. I apply this with their 'Taklon Bristle Brush' that's cruelty free and hypo-allergenic

Setting Powder

I've tried many translucent setting powders and keep coming back to the RMS Beauty 'un' Powder. It matifies like a dream. It prolongs your concealer + foundation wear and makes your skin so silken soft. I like to use the provided puff to apply the powder all over my face and underneath my eyes to set the concealer. 


If only I could tell you how many complements my brows received after using Ecobrow. It's a creamy, pigmented mineral based eyebrow defining wax, that can give gorgeous, sought after, thick, bold brows. It doesn't smudge or fade, lasting all day. It doesn't keep the hairs together, so you might need to finish off with a separate brow gel or wax. My shade is Liz, suited for medium brown, dark brown or black hair. Because it's creamy, it applies effortlessly and smoothly. I use their 'Defining Brush' to apply and blend the wax. 


I don't wear eyeshadow. It simply doesn't suite me. Maybe it's the big eyes, I'm not sure, so I tend to avoid it. I love to wear winged liner though. But as I've mentioned before, I'm uncoordinated and trying to create that perfect thin line, well let's just say I've deemed a compete and utter disaster. When I want a winged line, my sister is the place I go. So the only treat my eyes get is some concealing and mascara. I'm in a hurry don't forget.
My lashes a flat, so I curl them first with an eyelash curler, then apply mascara. I've been testing out Lily Lolo 'Natural Mascara' in shade black. It creates slight volume but super long lashes. It has a wet formulation and I find it applies best when it has dried up a little. In the image above, I've only applied one layer of mascara to my top lashes. I don't like to apply it to my bottom lashes, I just personally don't like the way it looks.
To finish up, I trace my bottom waterline with Alima Pure new 'Natural Definition Eye Pencil' in the shade paper. I like to use white to brighten up my eyes and give me that false 'I'm wide awake look,' because really when your a mum, you'll never look wide awake. I also add this to the inner corner to highlight, but had forgotten that day. 

Cheeks + Highlighter

I applied Lily Lolo "in the pink" (a sheen, cool pink) pressed blush on the apples of my cheek, sweeping upwards along my cheek bone, towards my hairline. I use their 'Angled Blush brush', which makes it easy to contour and define those cheeks. Using this bristle brush, this blush can be layered for a more bold look or applied lightly to create a natural flush. It does appear more of a deep pink, but I love how it defines my cheeks and adds a sheen, giving a highlighted glow to my cheekbones.  I still added RMS Beauty 'Living Luminizer' to my cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupid bow and the bottom lip to accentuate those features. It was a cloudy day when I took this shot, so the highlighter isn't showing well, but keep in mind it's a bold luminizer that's very noticeable.


I recently bought Studio 78 Paris 'Let's Get Married' Liquid Lipstick in the shade 'Satin Wedding.' It has a sponge applicator with click top pen. You only need one click to dispense enough to cover your top and bottom lip, with a very opaque finish. If your looking for the perfect pink nude, this is the one. I am  smitten with this collection and hope to buy more. They are very pigmented, with a semi mat finish. I have found you need to wear a lip balm first to remove that slightly sticky feel it gives. I love to use my Metta Skincare 'Lip Balm' to moisturise and moisten the lips before application. This lipstick does last all day and unfortunately my camera didn't pick up the shade or pigmentation correctly. For an accurate swatch, check out the image below. 

L to R: RMS Beauty Luminizer, Studio78 Paris liquid lipstick, Lily Lolo pressed blush, RMS Beauty concealer, Studio78 Paris concealer, Ecobrow defining wax, Alima Pure eye pencil

That basically sums up the simplicity of this very basic and minimal look. if your in a hurry, what makeup will you use or forgo?


Caitie said... [Reply]

Loved seeing your everyday staples! I just ran out of a sample of the Studio 78 concealer I was trying - I was impressed while I was using it, but since going back to other products, I'm completely 100% sold! I need to order the full size asap :) That Lily Lolo blush looks super pretty too!

Ru Chan said... [Reply]

Loving this look Rowie! So simple but polished. The rms beauty un cover-up and un powder are my staples now!

Liz said... [Reply]

I love, love this look, this is how I envision green beauty. You don't much if you've got the right products. I have the same issue with eyeshadows, I don't wear them on a daily basis, but if I do, I use one color over my lid, I prefer play with lipsticks instead. I don't know how some manage to put 5 different colors on their eyelids ;)
Right now I'm enjoying Rms tinted un-powder as a base instead of a foudnation. You sold me on Studio78 concealer, once I run out of my Glory Boon concealer, I'll get it! xx

Amber Felce said... [Reply]

Love this! You look beautiful. I recently started using RMS Un Cover Up as a foundation too and love the result!

Storybook Apothecary said... [Reply]

gorgeous makeup look! Your brows are on point ;-)

Molly said... [Reply]

Beautiful! We have a lot of the same products :). And I totally agree that once you're a mum you never really look wide awake! Hence the huge bags under my eyes that developed after child 2. xo

Rowie D said... [Reply]

Hi Caitie!
Thanks lovely! I was hesitant to first try the concealer because nothing is covering my dark circles, but this concealer does a pretty good job xo

Rowie D said... [Reply]

Aw thanks Ru, that's kind of you :) oh I'm never changing the un powder, it's just too good!

Rowie D said... [Reply]

Haha thanks lovely we try

Rowie D said... [Reply]

Oh mine are already bad, not looking forward to how they'll look after number 2 haha disaster! Great to know we share the same love

Rowie D said... [Reply]

Oh yay! Good to know you love it too! Didn't like it was a concealer though, thanks for commenting lovely

Rowie D said... [Reply]

Ohh thank you Liz, your such a sweetheart that makes me feel good :) we're the same in that sense I can't fathom how they mix and blend all these shades, makes my head swirl lol. The Studio conceal is a favourite for sure :)