Wednesday, 26 August 2015


It's disconcerting how often kindness is lacked. It's more troubling how the act of hurting another being is becoming primal, so one can feel a mere and unfounded adequacy or misplaced control, to balance a life that is unsteady and turbulent. But with every way they tear another being down, they lose a piece of their humanity, till they become empty and void. Who will care then?

 #Bullying is universal, all are touched by it. But it breaks my heart to see a child being bullied. To see their sloped shoulders, head bowed and etched sadness- it eats at me but more so, it makes me livid. They feel so much hurt and yet for them, the world hasn't even been rotating long enough. I want to protect them because I know their pain and I'm sure you remember that kind of pain too.

But yet it's quite exasperating how parents tell their child that 'it's normal' to be bullied, 'we've all been through it' or 'it'll pass.' No, it is not normal. Bullying should NEVER be normalised. It is not normal to have your spirit broken, it is not normal to feel your self-worth dissipate, until you start believing you are worth very little. it is not normal to be called UGLY, FAT, LOSER, DUMB. We cannot ignore their pain- surely we need to fight for them. 

How I wish we can make children believe what an incredible force of life they inspire. How I wish, when they are bullied, they can shrug their shoulders and let it slide right off, instead of it worming through the core of who they are, leaving it in tatters. 

So please don't tell your child it's normal, instead lift their spirits, hold them there and seek ways to fight with them, so when someone tries to wound, to mock and taunt they are still held high because of you. For some children, the memories of their childhood, it grows with them, so battered it carries with them till adulthood, so they'll always feel no sense of self-worth or esteem. So please remember to #bekind. Always remember to speak simple words of kindness, as it has the aptitude to mend and heal, reminding every bullied child, the world isn't always so cruel.

Don't be afraid to share your story. Share it and you'll be surprised who'll be at your side. Your worth it. Believe it, Know it. I might be a stranger to you, but I'll always listen. Laugh often, be kind.


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