So, let's get downright personal. I have been called many things, but you can call me Rowie. On weekdays, I am a sensible women with quirky attributes. On weekends, you'll find me dancing to the Wiggles with my two year old daughter.

I am quick to laugh, quite loudly my father would like to tell you. I cry too easily. Instead of thinking of myself as sensitive, lets just say I have a big warm heart. That's all the modesty you'll get out of me. I love to read and a proud book worm. The escape to fantasy is tantalizing. If I could recommend one author, it will be Sarah Addison Allen. Her stories are magical.

I am married to an IT Alpha Male, who annoyingly fixes things by just being near the said device. I guess computers don't appreciate me pressing all keys in hope it will repair itself. I have been married for five years and counting and within the first year of marriage I switched over to the green side (insert evil laugh) . It started on a fine sunny day. I was cleaning my bench and accidentally inhaled those surface cleaners that are packed to the rim with harsh chemicals. Instantly, my chest became tight and I could hear myself wheezing loudly. It had triggered my asthma severely. So I did a bit of harmless research, which in turn opened my eyes horribly wide. Reading about the harmful and irritant ingredients in so many common brands, caused me to panic. I irrationally threw out everything with questionable ingredients. I regret that now. Instead of being fearful and wasteful, I should have proceeded slowly and replaced each product once I had used it up. Please keep that in mind and don't be afraid of what you find lurking in your products. Take that insight as a tool and use it for future purchases.

I research everything before I purchase it and passionately dislike when companies claim they are organic or natural to mislead. All it takes is researching ingredients and ensuring there is a certification stamp when a company claims to be organic. 

In case you are pondering the question, why did I start blogging? Simply, it's fun and I love to write. I have always loved to string sentences together to make one big story. I also enjoy researching and shopping and then reviewing to help guide you through the many products on the market. Simple as that.

Now I have babbled for a while, feel free to tell me about yourself in the comment section below. It's fun to share don't you think? Let me know what your favourite products are and what made you switch over. Ok peace out!


Natale said... [Reply]

Absolutely loved reading this and couldn't help but giggle. You are truly a special woman who has such a big heart. I love how hard you have worked to get this all happening, your website is shinning! I am soo proud of you.

Nawal said... [Reply]

Just wanted to say how proud I am of you! Doing what
You love and being so awesome at it!! Thank you for inspiring me and my family to also take on this clean and organic way if life . We Love reading all your posts and applying your advice and experiences into our everyday lives.
You really are an organic spirit!!
Love ya xx