Let us get serious for one moment.

I always say, to be aware of what your skin is absorbing, it is foremost to read all ingredients and labels to ensure no allergies or adverse reactions. In that regard, please be aware I am not a health professional, dermatologist or esthetician. I simply review, recommend and share products that I have researched, tried and loved.

All reviews are an expression of my true and honest opinion, I'm just a classy lady like that. In no way do affiliate links or PR samples influence my reviews. Like many green beauty bloggers, I work tirelessly to maintain Organic Spirit, so what's the point in giving anything but honesty? That is also why I am not interested in accepting money from a company in exchange for a review. Any commission earned from affiliate links will be utilized for the maintenance of my blog. 

Editorial Policy 

I have chosen not to post any negative reviews on my blog and so I cannot guarantee every product sent for my consideration will be featured on my blog. But be assured, I thoroughly test all products sent to me before concluding my thoughts.

All images are taken by me, unless specified otherwise. All content is written by me, unless specified otherwise. Your welcome to use and share my images or content, but please give credit and cite back to my website or social media pages, whichever the image or content was taken from. 

PR Sample Policy

If you are brand interested in collaborating, please feel free to reach out and connect with me via social media or directly through my website. But do keep in mind, if you would like to send me PR samples, it is imperative that the products are created cruelty free with no animal testing and the ingredients are non-toxic, natural and/or certified organic.

Any PR samples received will be stated at the bottom of a post.

Laugh plenty and be well,